XoDoc International
Transnational Settlments

Merchant Members

No matter your location, history or business type, Xodoc International will service your merchant account most cost effectively.

  • High Volume Transactions
  • Continuity Billing
  • Pharma / Nutraceutical
  • Online Gaming
  • Discount Clubs

Xodoc International and Multigate Networks create custom-tailored solutions for each individual member.

  • Currency Conversion
  • End to End Encryption
  • "Chargeback Awareness
  • Chargeback Insurance
  • Risk Management
Member Banks

XoDoc International can work within each banks' jurisdictional guidelines to create profitable merchant portfolios with managed risk using Multigate Networks.

  • Investment Technology
  • Exclusive Banking Relationships
  • Committed Account Managers
  • Multiple Merchant Accounts
  • Integrated Fraud Management

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