One Click Manager® For Merchant Service Providers

Merchant CRM

Entire merchant module securely focues on the merchant's information, activity and history.

  • Control merchant pricing for some processors
  • Updates merchant pricing daily for some procesors
  • Document Managment and Storage
  • Contact management for each merchant
  • Permission based user management for merchant login
  • Net profit per merchant tracking
  • Montitor TIN,PCI and Quality Control
Residuals & Reporting

Sales Reps are very important to most merchant service providers, so this module is very flexible to accomodate the needs of everyone.

  • Create company level system for banks or MSPs
  • Create office level system that is fed from company level
  • Create login for single sales rep
  • Setup residual parameters at company, office, sales rep, and/or merchant level
  • Schedule A residuals for almost all procesors
  • Setup tiered splits by application or residual performance
  • Pay 5 reps on each merchant account
  • Residual parameters include split, basis pts, schedule A and/or combination.
  • Combines all residual streams onto 1 report
Risk Analysis

Mitigate risk during application process and processing after merchant approval

  • Background and Credit Checks from all 3 Credit Agencys
  • Accurate predicting merchant risk on online application
  • Solutions for chargebacks, cross-border, and identity risk
  • Real-time authorization analysis from select procesors
  • Accurate geolocating capabilities
  • Completely customizable underwriting tool
  • Submit risk reports directly to procesors
Merchant Store Front

Merchants can control all aspects of thier business via a web-enabled device

  • Shopping cart linked to inventory
  • Shopping cart to POS
  • POS system linked to terminal
  • Customer service via chat, video or tickets
  • Phone line connected for caller history
  • Product promotion capabilities
  • Document management storage
  • 1/22/2015 4:05:21 PM
  • View all transaction data
Inventory Management

Import Inventory from Electronic File, Bar Code reader or your hand-held device.

  • Utilize Alert System for reordering
  • Search multiple items from multiple locations
  • Manage replacements,loaners, and leased
  • Serial and non-serialized tracking
  • Cell phone and bar code integration
  • Link accessories to terminals

Purchase Orders can be created to drop-ship directly to customer, vendor or your headquarters.

  • Automated Reordering
  • Link PO to sales invoice
  • Purchase order history and tracking
  • Receive orders and track shipments
  • Create bids for vendors
  • Electronically order from vendors
Merchant Customer Service

Robust and custimizable ticket system connected to database to pull merchant information before speaking with them.

  • Log, Alert Field Tech & Track
  • Permission based ticket categories
  • Built in chat and video conferencing
  • Re-Open, Re-Scheule Existing Calls
  • Systems recognizes duplicate tickets
  • Customizable Knowledge Basse For Terminal Errors
  • Escalation controls for supervisors
Sales & Invoicing

Completed Automated Billing System that can email all invoices automatically utilizing our recurring billing system. Directly collect merchant fees via ACH or credit card on file.

  • PCI and TIN payment collection.
  • Invoice sales reps, merchants, or 3rd party businesses
  • Invoices, Credit Memos, & Quotes
  • Integrates for tracking number and shipping
  • Manage customer returns
  • Automated recurring billing system

Very easy to use accounting system that is nto as robust as rest of the system, so we integrate into multple accounting systems to help a smooth transistion.

  • Automated Credit Card and ACH Billing
    with no markup.
  • Online banking capabilities
  • Basic general ledger, balance, P&L and income statements reports
  • Tax reports by county, state, and federal.
  • Credit limit flag capabilities
  • Integrates with various accounting systems