One Click Manager® For Copier Dealers

Customer Modules

Track all your customers Invoices, Tickets, Correspondences from any web-enabled device

  • Your Customers have own Login
  • Track Service Tickets
  • Supply level via the internet
  • Read/Write/Hide Permissions for all users
  • Document Management storage
  • Supports Locations and Biling To Leasing Companies

Inventory Management

Import Inventory from Electronic File, Bar Code reader or your hand-held device.

  • Utilize Alert System for reordering
  • Quickly Search for multiple items at same time
  • Manage warehouses and transfers
  • Serial and Non-Serialized
  • Cell Phone and Bar Code Integration


Purchase Orders can be created to drop-ship directly to customer, vendor or your own warehouse location.

  • Automated Reordering
  • Like PO to Sales Order
  • Track every step Purcahse Order
  • Receive Orders & Track Returns
  • Create Bids for Vendors

Service Tickets

Robust and custimizable ticket system. 100% Browser based system so customer service operators can answer phones company phones that we can provide from home to cut costs.

  • Log, Alert Field Tech & Track
  • Directions, Traffic, and Mileage for field techs
  • Built in Chat and Video Conferencing
  • Re-Open, Re-Scheule Existing Calls
  • Systems Recognizes duplicate calls
  • Customizable Knowledge Basse For Copier Errors

Sales & Invoicing

Completed Automated Billing System that can email all invoices automatically utilizing our recurring billing system. Meters can also be manually entered and then the invoices can be automated.

  • Black & Color Copiers on Same invoice
  • Invoice by meters, copiers, unlimited combinations
  • Invoices, Credit Memos, & Quotes
  • Generates Tracking Number and Picklist
  • Manage Customer Returns
  • Automated Recurring Billing System


Very easy to use accounting system that is nto as robust as rest of the system, so we integrate into multple accounting systems to help a smooth transistion.

  • Automated Credit Card and ACH Billing
    at Interchange costs on XoDoc.
  • Online Banking Capabilities depending on Bank
  • Basic General Ledger, Balance, P&L and Income Statements reports
  • Tax reports by county, state, and overall.
  • Credit Limit Flag Capabilities
  • Creates Background and Credit Checks from all 3 Credit Agencys

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