XoDoc Technologies

XoDoc Technologies was founded by Frank A Cristaudo on the idea that internet browsers could be used for business software. Back in the late 1990s after deciding to retire from the Army, Frank was looking for a niche that could help businesses save on expensive software installations while still maintaining their market advantage. 1 Click Manager® was the result and it is still affordable, customizable and robust enterprise level software for browsers and handheld devices.

XoDoc Technologies focuses its efforts in the Finance, Big Data and Service industries. Currently we are serving 4000 copier locations through our copier dealers. Collecting and maintaining sports data from all over the world for sports handicappers and fantasy enthusiasts. The majority of our clients are in the merchant service and financial sectors. We maintain, customize and support our client's individual version of 1 Click Manager ® that has supported more than 300 merchant service offices, a million merchants, and over 90 payment processors worldwide over the past 17 years.