Frank A Cristaudo

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Army Veteran

New York, NY

Mr. Cristaudo graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1997 with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and as a Unix and online/network expert. While running his first business, Mr. Cristaudo noticed the inefficiencies in credit card processing and the need for new technologies in the industry. Determined to solve the problems he was experiencing first-hand, Mr. Cristaudo utilized his programming skills to develop what would become 1 Click Manager®, the first system created for merchants’ services back-end support.

The new company grew rapidly, servicing 4000 merchants shortly after its conception to over 25,000 merchants in less than 3 years. Over the 15 years in business, Mr. Cristaudo’s company grew to service more than one million merchants with just 2 full time employees.

Mr. Cristaudo continued to watch the payments industry develop over the last two decades, and he again noticed an opportunity for technology to drive greater efficiency. This inspired a fully re-imagined platform with enhanced functionality and security, which was released as the MaxaFi Platform under a new brand in January 2020.

It was the realization that the entire chain of fees charged to merchants, vendors, and consumers is an inefficient and costly system that made Mr. Cristaudo, and now the MaxaFi team, so passionate about providing efficiency, transparency and honesty in the payments industry.